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The Dreamers

I developed The Dreamers Award as a way of thanking those people who assist The Dreamers in accomplishing their dreams and for those who pave the way for The Dreamers to achieve all they wish to achieve.
Thank you so very much for your unselfish dedication.

The Dreamers
The Dreamers are not the recipients of The Dreamers Award. Their reward is that of the achievement of their dream(s). Accomplishing that dream is the result of their countless time spent pondering, dreaming, thinking and acting to realize their goals, whether short time or lifelong endeavors. Once in a while....The Dreamers may need assistance to achieve their goals. It might be a simple web link...or perhaps advice on matters concerning their dream or it could be a full scale web page or dedication page someone builds on The Dreamers behalf. Often, this assistance is not asked for. This is what The Dreamers Award is all about. Those who dedicate time, space, advice, etc. in order to help The Dreamers achieve all they wish to achieve. For this....The Dreamers are grateful.

If you wish to nominate someone for The Dreamers Award contact Allison for more information at

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